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My name is Bonnie Hamilton. I'm wife, mother of 7 children and 24 grandchildren. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have a testmony of its truthfulness and that it is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I have a great love for the Book of Mormon. I have read and studied it for many years. I know of its truthfulness. My blog, is to share that testimony with others. Most of my posts will be on how the Book of Mormon is an additional witness of Jesus Christ, a companion to the Bible. I invite open and respectful comments and questions on my blog. If I don't know the answer to question, I will research it until I can give a satisfactory answer. I also have two on-line businesses, a survival website, and a website selling children's room decor, If you need any of these types of items, I hope you visit my websites!

Clay Christensen’s Testimony of the Book of Mormon

Every now and then I read a testimony from someone else that has such a powerful impact on me that I need to share it.  Such is the testimony of Clay Christensen.  You can read his bio here  I don’t … Continue reading

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Does the LDS Church Lie?

News headlines are notoriously misleading.  They often used “trigger” words to create a certain impression.  Such were the recent headlines concerning the articles published on the church website concerning plural marriage.  The Huffington post headline was Mormon Church Admits For First … Continue reading

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Difficult questions–Plural Marriage

Coming from a Framework of Faith I think every woman at some point of their spiritual journey in the LDS church has had to come to terms with plural marriage.  I think most men have also, but I don’t think … Continue reading

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The Content of the Gold Plates of the Book of Mormon

The Gold Plates were a combination of records My intent in writing a blog is to introduce sincere investigators to the Book of Mormon.  I want to help others learn about the Book of Mormon.  I hope my readers will … Continue reading

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What Are the Gold Plates?

WHAT ARE THE GOLD PLATES?   One may wonder just what does the LDS church mean by the Gold Plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated.   I have grown up in the Church of Jesus Christ of … Continue reading

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Overview of the Book of Mormon

THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE! My goal in writing about the Book of Mormon is to present its truths in a clear and concise manner to those not of the LDS faith.  I have a firm testimony, born of … Continue reading

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The Mediator

In my last blog I wrote about the gospel of Jesus Christ–that it is the power of God unto salvation as Paul states.   As the angel Gabriel told Joseph when he visited him instructing him to take Mary as his … Continue reading

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What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

What is the gospel of Jesus Christ?  We know that the word gospel means “good news.”  So, is the gospel of Jesus Christ simply good news that is meant to uplift and inspire us?  Yes, it does uplift and inspire … Continue reading

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How Did Mankind Learn of the Existence of God?

God Reveals Himself to Adam We know that some kind religion and religious observation has been part of man’s existence from the very beginning of man’s history.  How did man first come up the idea that there was a God?  There … Continue reading

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The Book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price

Last night we had the missionaries from our church over for dinner.  After dinner we gathered our in the living room for a message from them and a prayer.  Since it’s Thanksgiving we have two of our daughters here with … Continue reading

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